When someone comes to you with a one size fits all formula for success, question everything.  If someone presents the recipe to their secret sauce, be on guard.

Many are looking for a finished formula for dramatically increasing their winning percentages.  We hate to disappoint you.  No such thing exists.  That said, there are ingredients in the recipe that cannot be replaced, and we have uncovered a few of those ingredients.

In our study of winners, we have discovered these 5 non-negotiables.  We call them the 5 P’s of Consistent Winners.

1. Purpose

First and most importantly you must understand your purpose. Why is it that you exist? Will you use all of your talents and resources to live according to your purpose?

2. Passions

You have been created to have excitement about something. What brings you energy? What provides you with a sense of satisfaction or completeness? When you wake up in the morning with adrenaline, what is occupying your thought patterns? If you are not excited, get excited. Clarify your passions and bring them to life.

3. Process

The process to consistent winning requires you to identify your current reality and desired reality. Clearly, there is a gap between the two. Once you recognize the gap, create a road-map to take you from your current position to your desired reality. Then you can execute the process through discipline and habit formation.

4. Partners

You must surround yourself with winners. You will not do it alone. It’s literally impossible. Get around amazing people that inspire you and move you to do more and be more. Find encouragers and find coaches. Make time for training and reading (even authors of books can be mentors for you). Invest in yourself, you are worth it!

5. Persuasion

Call it the law of captivation. Call it selling. Call it the art of gaining commitment and winning buy-in. Call it what you will – it doesn’t matter. You must be able to tell your story in a way that is provoking. Moving people is an art. Helping them see your side is paramount.

Which of these 5 P’s do you need to work on today?

You are amazing. We believe in you.

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