One of the best ways to grow is to help others grow. To help others improve, you must improve yourself. But helping others is difficult because it requires you to share your insights, products, tools, best-practices, processes, or ideas with them.

Question: Why do most people keep their ideas to themselves?

Answer: Fear of judgment or fear of rejection. Scared of looking stupid or being criticized.

In other words, we get so consumed by those who don’t get it, that we never reach those who do.

Two Sides: Yes, there are many people who don’t understand or even care what we do… So what? On the other hand, there are many people who do. Our goal is never to please everyone or win every possible customer. Our goal is to positively help people as much as we can.

Champions: Stop trying to convince everyone of something or waste time worrying about the opinions of people who just don’t see what you see. Instead, go find those you resonate with. Invest your energy in finding one person who needs your expertise. When you find one, give them your best and watch what happens.


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