When we lack precision in vision-casting, it is easy for us to wander aimlessly through life.

Remember: Intentional > Incidental

We have read various research studies on the significance of writing goals and the results of individuals who make that a priority.  The general conclusion is that people who have written goals and maintain well-defined goals seem to accomplish them at a much higher rate. These studies further indicate that people without written goals accomplish less – and what they do accomplish is more aimless with more time invested.

Based on that research, it is obvious that everyone writes down their goals, laminates them, and reviews them daily – right? Wrong!

3% of people define their goals in writing.  That means 97% of people fail to establish their goals with a pen and on paper.  3%. Remarkable.

We all have visions, dreams, and desires for how our life might look one day.  Some of us might even have the view broken down in terms of time frames; maybe six-months, one year, and even five year marking points.

The more clarity in our pursuit of our goals, the more direct the path is to achieving them. Let’s be sure we make it into that 3% group this year.

If you know your desired destination (vision) but are struggling to clearly identify your roadmap (mission) to get you there, we have created a proven process to help you do just that. We would be honored to help you increase your winning percentage in 2020!

As you embark on your 2020 journey, remember this quote from Rory Vaden. “Success is never owned, only rented – and the rent is due every single day.”

Happy Goal-Setting!

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